Who We Are

The College of London is a worldwide Monitoring and approval Ltd. (to approve the performance of training and academic examination) On British-based training mechanism for all our accredited professionals education partners in Middle East and worldwide. We collaborate with universities and colleges in the United Kingdom and Worldwide  to provide the best technological and logistical solutions to provide full support for coaches and students. COL1920 is registered in London - England No: 13324012 Private Ltd.

We have supported the training of over 10000 students, from many different backgrounds and with different ambitions and aspirations, enrolled with us on a wide range of degree, vocational qualifications and training courses. The College formed a partnership with many universities in the UK and internationally. 

The Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) has been developed by the Department for Education in England for recognising excellent teaching, in addition to existing national quality requirements for universities, colleges and other higher education providers. It provides information to help prospective students choose where to study. 
Whether you are leaving school, interested in higher education courses, want to study part-time at weekends, improve your job prospects or would just like to study something new, our authorized partners will provide the right courses for you. 

Academic Board 

Academic Board The purpose of the Academic Board is to determine and advise on all matters relating to the academic standards, teaching, learning and quality of student learning experience. The Academic Board reports to the Board.  

Audit Committee The purpose of the Committee is to advise the Board of the Corporation on the adequacy and effectiveness of the College’s systems of internal control and its arrangements for risk management, control and governance processes, and securing economy, efficiency and effectiveness (value for money). 

Planning and Resources Committee The purpose of the Planning and Resources Committee is to determine and advise on all matters relating to finance, resources and property. The committee advises the Board of the Corporation on all aspects, including risk, of the Corporation’s resources, finances, financial policies, controls and strategy.  

Quality and Standards Committee The Quality and Standards Committee ensures that the College’s quality assurance systems comply with the expectations of Professional, Statutory and regulatory Bodies. The Quality and Standards Committee reports to the Academic Board.  

Programme Committee The Programme Committee is to monitor and manage all aspects of programme delivery and ensuring effective engagement with students on programme-related matters. The Programme Committee reports to the Quality and Standards Committee.